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  • Commercial gas ranges.
  • Stainless steel front, sides, backsplash and door(s).
  • Heavy duty cast iron top in 12" x 12" sections (305 mm x 305mm ).
  • Tubular legs with adjustable bullet feet.
  • Two 25 000 BTU cast-iron burners and two cast iron tops for each section of 12" (305 mm)
  • and permanent operating pilot to provide an instant flame.
  • Each oven has a capacity of 32 000 BTU.
  • Black enamel finish interior for oven(s).
  • The bottom of the oven is flush with the inside face of the door when open.
  • A combination 24" (610 mm) griddle with broiler underneath is mounted to replace 4 burners
  • on model CG-962-B24.

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The durable performers! Vulcan's line of restaurant and heavy-duty ranges are innovatively crafted to take on your high-volume operation with superb performance year after year. Discover the advanced series of ranges that are designed with the highest-quality materials including stainless steel construction, cast iron grates, heavy-duty burners and much more.

And Vulcan heavy-duty ranges are more than great stand-alone performers. They're also the foundation of our Signature Series Range Suites-custom creations that match any menu, add efficiency to any operation, and provide a perfect setting to display your culinary art!

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Starfire Sentry Series 24" Gas Restaurant Range

These days, buying just about anything based on its price almost seems practical, unless you understand that Premium products, like Garland’s Starfire Sentry Series Gas Restaurant Ranges, earn their Premium status by consistently delivering long-term savings.

Garland’s Starfire Sentry Series Gas Restaurant Ranges deliver thoughtful design, superior performance, and lasting functional quality that lead to long-term savings and a protected investment.

Quality engineering, consistent performance, high efficiency, and rugged durability mean lower operating and maintenance costs over the long life of a Garland range.

When you compare the Features, Advantages, & Benefits of Garland ranges to the competition, it’s easy to make the right choice, regardless of the purchase price. Garland is simply a better breed.

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