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Discerning cooking enthusiasts demand dish care solutions that meet the high standards they set for their cooking appliances. With this latest collection of dishwashers, Thermador delivers without question. There are eight models to choose from, each able to accomodate anything from large pots and pans to a record number of crystal wine glasses, ideal for the host who entertains frequently. Filled with unique features and innovative technologies that enhance both convenience and cleaning effectiveness, this newest dishwasher collection lives up to Thermador's uncomprimising standards of performance, consistently delivering superior results.

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If you didn’t notice it was a Bosch, you’d never know it was there. That’s how quiet our dishwashers are. Like gentle rain, our machines, with advanced noise reduction, register as low as 40 dBA — the quietest in the U.S.* Just don’t let the calm, quiet demeanor lull you into thinking the innovation ends there because Bosch exclusives like EcoAction® raise energy and water effi ciency to consistently surpass ENERGY STAR® levels.

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