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Bosch stackable compact laundry pairs have an exceptionally small footprint, saving valuable floor space while enjoying excellent cleaning results. And with the largest capacity in its class, the Axxis® washer easily fits up to 14 pairs of jeans in one load.

The Axxis® condensation clothes dryer condenses the moisture in the hot air to water and releases it through the water drain. No ducting and no blower is necessary to help expel hot air. This makes installation easy, fast, and very cost-effective.

Axxis® washers are extremely easy to use, thanks to their convenient Touch Controls. Easily activate each cycle with just the touch of a button, then use the easy-to-read display to view your selection and monitor your progress.

Axxis dryers have up to a 2 hour extended WrinkleBlock® to help keep your clothes wrinkle free.

The Axxis® washer features a raindrop drum pattern that resists snags, for powerful cleaning that protects your clothes. Depending on the cycle, the washer adjusts the direction of the drum rotation, using the steeper edges for heavy-duty jobs or the shallow edges for delicate fabrics that require gentler care.

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